2021 "A" Division Rules

1.  Games consist of 5-innings or 60 minute time limit

2.  Maximum 5 runs per inning per team

3.  A total of 5 swings (3-coach pitch, 2 off the tee).  After 3 pitches, the batter must take his 2 remaining swings from the tee.  If the batter hits the tee, it is considered part of the ball and called foul.  No at bat can end on a foul ball. 

4.  On any ball hit off the tee, the batter-runner and any runner(s) on base may only be allowed one base.  Play stops once all runner(s) and the batter-runner reach their next base after the hit ball from the tee.  The Batter-runner and/or any base runner(s) are subject to be put out by a tag or force play.  No advancement is allowed on overthrown balls from hits off the tee by any runner(s).  

5.  All players will bat and the batting order must be continuous. 

6.  All players will play in the field defensively, but only 5 can be allowed in the infield at traditional baseball positions. 

7.  Only 1 base will be allowed for any runners on any misplayed thrown ball by the defense, and each runner advances at his/her own risk to the next base.  If a runner overruns the next base, the runner is subject to be tagged out.  If any runner(s) tries to advance to an additional base after a misplayed thrown ball, time will be called immediately, stopping play and all runners must return to the base allowed before time was called.  No more than 1 base may be acquired from 1 misplayed thrown ball.  If there is another misplay on a thrown ball, runners may advance 1 base from the time of throw, at their own risk of being put out.  All other baseball rules apply (interference, running out of their baseline to avoid a tag, passing a preceding runner, etc.). 

8.  A controlled ball by any defensive player in the pitcher’s circle and/or the stopping of the lead runner by the defense at any base, shall stop play, unless the batted ball is fielded within the pitcher’s circle.  In this case, the defense must make a play and/or stop the lead runner from advancing. 

9.  Any runner who has not made it half way to the next base before the ball reaches the pitcher’s circle must return to their previous base.  Stopping the lead runner, with other runners on base stops play, only after all runners have stopped to the base in which the runner was trying to acquire.  The offense cannot initiate a play by any following runners to try to get the lead runner to advance.  If time is called by the umpire, any runner(s) not more than halfway to a base, must return to the base last touched.   

10. No lead offs or steals.

11. Any inning started much be completed, unless the home team is winning, and all batters have batted at least once in the game. 

12. After 45 mins, the umpire will deem the next full inning as the last inning of play.  (Note: play will continue until all batters have batted at least once in the game.  If 3 outs are obtained in the last inning prior to everyone having batted, the bases will be cleared, no further runs will score, and the game will continue until all remaining batters have batted at least once in the game. 

13. Two coaches may coach the players in the outfield on defense.  They must stay outside the bases, preferably in the grass.  One coach is allowed outside the dugout while their team is on defense. 

14. The pitching coach must leave fair ball territory during plays.  No coaching can be done until the coach is in foul territory.  

15. Only the base coaches at 1st and 3rd base and the pitching coach are permitted outside the dugout.  All other coaches (dugout help) must   remain inside the dugout, with the gate closed during play. 

16.  If a ball is hit to the pitchers mound or to the left side of the field, a player must make a throw attempt to 1st base, if the play is at first base, and shall not run down runner at 1st.

17. If a batted ball strikes the pitching machine or pitching coach, it is considered a dead ball and the batter shall take 1st base. Any runners  currently on base will advance one spot only.

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