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2023 SPRING COACH PITCH- Tennessee State Tournament Rules

1.1 There will be a straight line extended four (4’) feet on both sides of the 40 ft. pitcher plate.

1.2 Once the adult pitcher has control of the ball the defensive coach may ask for time out to make an appeal on the previous play.

2.1 All teams must be ready to start on time. The home team will take their defensive positions and the first batter on the visiting team will take his/her place in the batter’s box.

2.2 The defensive team will place 10 players on defense, 6 infielders and 4 outfielders. Outfielders must be positioned on the outfield grass.

2.3 The offense will station 2 adult base coaches or 1 adult and 1 player.

2.4 A maximum of 5 run or 3 outs per inning

2.5 15 run rule is in effect: If the home or visiting team is ahead by 15 runs or more after 3 complete innings, the team that is ahead is declared the winner. 10 run rule is in effect: If the home team is ahead by 10 runs or more after 3 ½ innings or the visiting team is ahead by 10 runs or more after 4 complete innings the team ahead is declared the winner. 8 run rule is in effect:  If the home team is head by 8 runs or more after 4 ½ innings or the visiting team is ahead by 8 runs or more after 4 complete innings the team is declared the winner.

2.6 Teams will play each game with a continuous batting order. The batting order shall be established prior to the start of the game. Any player arriving late shall be added to the bottom of the batting order.

2.7 Players may be entered and/or reentered into the game provided each player meets the requirements of mandatory play, 3 consecutive defensive outs.

2.8 Infield fly rule is NOT in effect.

3.1 When the umpire calls “Play” the Coach Pitcher shall pitch the ball to the batter.

3.2 The ball is declared dead, and the umpire will call time when:

3.2.1 A batted ball comes in contact with the pitcher coach. No pitch is counted, and all base runners must return to base previously occupied.

3.2.2 A player is injured. Any runner(s) who is attempting to advance to the next base will be allowed to continue on to that base. (If a base runner is injured the last retired batter will replace the runner.)

3.2.3 Any player who has control of the ball and forces the lead runner to stop on a base or return to last touched base.  Note:  Time is called when the lead runner is stopped, regardless of which player has possession.  The offense cannot initiate a play by any following runners to try to get the lead runner to advance.  If time is called by the umpire, any runner(s) not more than halfway to a base, must return to the base last touched.   

4.1 Each batter will receive 5 pitches or 3 swinging strikes. If the last pitch is fouled, batter will receive additional pitches until they strike out, hit the ball or do not swing.

4.2 If the 5th pitch is missed or not swung at, the batter is out.

4.3 Bunting is allowed.

4.3.1 The batter is out if the batter bunts the ball foul on third strike or fifth pitch.

4.4 If a batter squares to bunt, the batter shall not pull his or her bat back and take a full swing. 

Penalty:  A dead ball no pitch shall be declared, and the batter shall be issued a warning. On the second occurrence by the same batter in the same game, the batter shall be declared out.

5.1 Runners shall not lead off or steal bases.

5.2 Runners must have one foot in contact with the base until the ball reaches the batter or is hit.

6.1 The Player Pitcher:

6.1.1 One of the 6 infielders must play the position of player pitcher.

6.1.2 The player pitcher must stand with both feet on the four (4’) ft. extension of the 40 ft pitching plate. The player pitcher is free to move once the ball is hit. The player pitcher may move before the ball is batted if the batter squares to bunt.

6.1.3 The player pitcher must wear a face mask or helmet with face mask.

6.2 The Coach Pitcher:

6.2.1 The Coach Pitcher may speak to the batter until the pitch is thrown. Once the ball is put in play the coach/pitcher shall leave the playing field in a direction that will not interfere with the play/ball and not return until the umpire has called time. If the coach/pitcher fails to leave or in the judgement interferes in any way, the batter is out.

6.2.2 The Coach Pitcher must pitch over handed to each player and must be in contact with the 40 ft. pitching plate.

6.2.3 The Coach Pitcher shall apply the courtesy of making sure that the defensive team is in position before making a pitch. The batter will not receive any benefit by the coach/pitcher doing this. The umpire, in his judgment, shall nullify any hit, returns any runners that advance, and call a strike on the batter

7.1 All coaches and managers are responsible for the actions of their parents and players.

7.2 There will be an adult coach in the dugout at all times.

*** In accordance with the Tennessee State Little League 7/8 Rules – Catchers must be in a natural catching position (kneeled down, squat, etc..) at the time of the pitch in order to be active for the play.  Example:  Catcher standing off to the side, not squatted behind the plate, and the batter bunts the ball.  The catcher is ineligible to participate in the play.  They cannot field the ball and throw to 1st base or make any other play while the ball is live.  ***

** No Buckets or ball bags are to be on the field of play **

The Official Time Limit for all Coach Pitch Games is 1 Hour and 15 Minutes or 6 innings whichever comes 1st. No new inning shall start after the time limit of 1 Hour and 15 Minutes has expired unless there is a tie.  ** If there is 10 minutes or less left before time expires and a team is mathematically unable to come back (down by more than 5 runs), a new inning will not start and the umpires can declare the game over **

SHLL Rules

1.  Home team will provide the official score keeper- GAMECHANGER

2.  Visiting team will run the scoreboard- REQUIRED for EVERY GAME. Please remove all trash from Press Box after each game. If you are the last game of the night please turn off scoreboard and lock door to Press Box.

3.  Home team is responsible for post-game field maintenance (last game of the day/night)- removal of bases/install foam inserts, turn off Farm Field lights (ONLY if NO game is currently being played on the Teal Field) and make sure all Farm field gates are locked.

4.  After each game, each team is responsible for cleaning up all trash on their side of the field (dug-out and stands) and place in trash receptacles. This includes all bottles on the ground, wrappers, etc. 

5.  Games that need to be rescheduled for any reason must be rescheduled by the Division Commissioner or information officer.

6.  It will be the winning team’s responsibility to email [email protected] with the score of the game or input into their team GameChanger.

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