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2022 Spring 7/8/9 Machine Pitch

1.  All games shall have a 1 hour 15-minute time limit. No new inning may start after 1 hour. A new inning begins as soon as the third out is recorded in the prior inning.   The umpire will order the countdown clock to be started when ready, but play will not begin until rosters have been turned in.  The clock will not be stopped for any reason other than “Serious Injury.”  If we have to call 911, it’s serious. Home team shall finish their at bat if losing at expiration of time or game ends if scoring winning run after expiration of time.

2.  Maximum 5 runs per inning per team

3.  Each batter will receive 5 pitches OR 3 strikes, whichever occurs first.  No at bat can end on a foul ball. 

4.  If a batted ball hits the machine, or the coach operating the machine, it is an immediate dead ball, and the batter-runner will be awarded 1st base.  All other runners will advance 1 base ONLY if forced.  

5.  All players will bat, and the batting order must be continuous. 

6.  Defensive teams may field 4 outfielders.  Outfielders may play any depth as long as they fully remain in the outfield until ball is put in play.

7.  A controlled ball by any defensive player in the pitcher’s circle and/or the stopping of the lead runner by the defense at any base, shall stop play, unless the batted ball is fielded within the pitcher’s circle.  In this case, the defense must make a play and/or stop the lead runner from advancing. 

8.  Time is called when the lead runner is stopped, regardless of which player has possession.  The offense cannot initiate a play by any following runners to try to get the lead runner to advance.  If time is called by the umpire, any runner(s) not more than halfway to a base, must return to the base last touched.   

9. No lead offs or steals.

10. Any inning started much be completed, unless the home team is winning, and all batters have batted at least once in the game. 

11. After 60 minutes, the umpire will deem the next full inning as the last inning of play.   

12. The coach feeding the machine must leave fair ball territory during plays.  No coaching can be done until the coach is in foul territory. 

13.  The player pitcher must have 1 foot in the dirt, even with the pitching rubber and machine, until the ball is hit, and wear a face mask.

14. Only the base coaches at 1st and 3rd base and the pitching coach are permitted outside the dugout.  All other coaches (dugout help) must remain inside the dugout, with the gate closed during play. 

15.  If a ball is hit to the pitcher’s mound or to the left side of the field, a player must make a throw attempt to 1st base, if the play is at first base, and shall not run-down runner at 1st.

16.  Home team will provide the official score keeper via GameChanger.

17.  Visiting team will provide someone to run the scoreboard as it will be mandatory for game play.

18.  Home team is responsible for post-game field maintenance (if last game of the day/night)- removal of bases/install foam inserts and lock gates.

19.  After each game, each team is responsible for cleaning up all trash on their side of the field and place in trash receptacles. This includes all bottles on the ground, wrappers, etc. 

20.  Games that need to be rescheduled for any reason must be rescheduled by the Division Commissioner. 

21.  It will be the winning team’s responsibility to update the game scores on the website or email score to [email protected] within 24 hours of game played.

22. In the Spring Season, games cannot end in a tie.

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