2021 Minor Division Rules

Except for the following additions and clarifications, the Official Little League rules outlined in the 2020 Rule Book will apply.

SPRING 2021 season highlights
1. There is no pitch limit, but a player may only pitch a MAXIMUM of 2 innings per game
2. No child may sit for more than 1 inning per game unless all other children on the team have sat out for 1 inning
3. If a batted ball strikes the pitching machine, it is considered a dead ball and the batter shall be awarded first base. Only
runners forced to their next base due to the batter being awarded first may advance. Runners not forced, must return
to the base occupied at time of last pitch.
4. The pitching machine will be used for the first 2 innings of each game with players pitching the remaining innings of the game.
5. Once a pitched ball gets back to the pitcher from the catcher or any player, the "play" is considered over,
and no runners may advance. Runners must return to their base. Balls thrown back to the pitcher and/or
misplayed/overthrown, runners may advance.

6. Pace of play- lets help speed the game up and play more baseball. Have defensive players ready to go on defense once
the 3rd out is made. 1-minute will be designated between innings, as referenced in rule book, and up to umpire digression.
7. Regarding play with the pitching machine, no runners may advance when a thrown ball is misplayed back to the pitcher. This is a safety
issue with the pitching machine.
8. Runners may not initiate a play once stopped and the ball is controlled within the infield. This also applies to the pitcher
controlling the ball on/near the mound when the pitching machine is not being used.

1. Teams will bat their entire roster. This allows free defensive substitutions but does not waive the minimum playing time of six (6) defensive outs for each player and at least one time at bat.

2. The continuous batting order will be set prior to the start of the game and cannot be changed during the course of the game unless a player shows up late (added to bottom of batting order) or a player leaves the game due to injury/removal from game for any reason.  No player may return to game in any capacity unless approval is given by league official.  

3. Pitchers will adhere to Pitch Count rule in green book regarding number of pitches and rest.

4. Each game will be played with a 5 run maximum per inning per team.

5. Run Rule: Home team wins if up by 11 after 3 ½ innings. Visitor team wins if up by 11 after 4 innings.

6. Players may steal any base as long as they do not leave the base prior to the pitch crossing home plate.

Defensive teams may field four outfielders but must play at same depths as the other outfielders.

8. Courtesy runner for catcher has to be last recorded out in that inning and only if 2 outs.

9. Emphasis for this season- SPEED/PACE OF PLAY--Seven (7) warm up pitches allowed if needed for starting pitcher at the beginning of the game and for any new pitcher coming into pitch after the game has started or 1 MINUTE.  Any pitcher returning to the mound getsa max of five (5) warm-up pitches or 1 MINUTE.  The 5th warm up pitch may be "thrown down" by the catcher to base.  Unnecessary used time between innings shall minimize the number of warmup pitchers. 1 minute will be given  This shall be enforced by the umpire.  No coach may warm up the pitcher if the catcher is delayed in getting on the field.  

10. All games shall have a 90 minute time limit. No new inning may start after 1hr 20 minutes. A new inning begins as soon as the third out is recorded in the prior inning.   The umpire will order the countdown clock to be started when ready, but play will not begin until rosters have been turned in.  The clock will not be stopped for any reason other than “Serious Injury.”  If we have to call 911, it’s serious. Home team shall finish their at bat if losing at expiration of time or game ends if scoring winning run after expiration of time.  

11. There are no tie games. Any game with a tie score “that is halted due to weather, curfew (time), or light failure shall be resumed from the exact point at which they were halted in the original game. It can be completed preceding the next scheduled game between the same teams.”  This rule is not eligible for amendment or exclusion per LL Regional Director.

12. There will be no forfeits in Minor League. A team must have a minimum of nine (9) players to play the game or the game must be rescheduled. Substitute players are allowed. Players from the opposing team cannot be used to fill the field at that game. Substitute players will come from a pool of players that have expressed desire to play additional games. The Player Agent will create and run the pool. This rule is not eligible for amendment or exclusion per LL Regional Director.

13. Home team will provide the official score keeper.

14. Visiting team will provide someone to run the scoreboard.

Home team is responsible for post-game field maintenance- removal of bases/install foam inserts, dragging of field, raking of baselines, mound, and home plate area. Visiting teams are responsible for lining the batters box and base/foul line with chalk.  DO NOT CHALK THE GRASS. 

16. After each game, each team is responsible for cleaning up all trash on their side of the field and place in trash receptables. . This includes all bottles on the ground, wrappers, etc

17. Games that need to be rescheduled for any reason must be rescheduled by the Division Commissioner. 

18. It will be the winning team’s responsibility to update the game scores on the website.

Please remember that this is considered an instructional league and the purpose is to instruct and teach the fundamentals of baseball to all players regardless of their ability or skill so they can be prepared to advance to the next level of play with confidence and skills as they continue their baseball careers.

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